Given the need to adjust to the new company image designers and trends in the evolution of systems and materials industry ventilated facades and curtain walls, Glass Rom Impex offers design, construction and installation for any commercial complex, office buildings , blocks of flats or fuel stations choose whether classical or modern models.

Since pre consultancy to assess the project design and materials and continuing with the design chosen for implementation, production and installation features, their facades, the company argued Glass Rom Impex can offer turnkey solutions with a good cost / efficiency .
Aluminium processing, thanks to new technologies offered the opportunity of ventilated facades architects in geometric shapes with high quality and varied palette that transmit their own personality in the space where buildings are constructed.
The materials used for facades can be used as sunshade for diffuse light, reducing the building’s thermal absorption and efficiently using daylight to save energy.
Equipment, tools and technologies owned by Glas Rom Impex and high degree of professionalism of our specialists provide cover a wide range of civil engineering works, industrial, infrastructure and superstructure.
Human resource was and is considered the most important asset of the company and the seriousness and tradition underlying the personnel policy of Glas Rom Impex. The company has specialists with high expertise and experience, ready to find the best solutions to solve any project quality standards of any customer in the European Union.
Another resource is the company that has modern equipment with high production capacity, equipment used successfully in the treatment of materials for facades. Cutting, bending and rolling of large composite panels are made with speed and precision without affecting the technical parameters or aesthetic qualities of materials with.
Equipment of the company allow execution of any shapes and sizes applied straight wall cladding, hemispherical or cylindrical, fascia boards semicircular any diameter columns, roof tiles and even complex interior design.

20 years experience in design and execution recommend us!

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