la stejari spa stereotomie

The metallic structure of the ventilated facades is designed in such manner that can successfully resist at all the loads that are applied (own load, wind load, earthquake, temperature difference from high to low).

The technological design assures that for each particular project, with each detail, is used the correct fixing system and the elements are properly dimensioned.

proiectare tehnologica fatade ventilate (6)

The technical project for facades includes:

–        The architecture and structure project analysis and choose of the optimum structure system.

–        Calculations for appropriate dimensioning (checked and approved by person authorized according to the law).

–        Specific details designed by our experts.

–        The Bill of Quantity for all the structure components used for curtain walls, ventilated facades, aluminum..

–        Method statement and procedures for all the stages of the works

The technical project as long as the cost estimation may be done on the existing architecture project (floor plans, elevations, stereotomy, sections)  . Elements that are taken in consideration for the statically calculations are : type of slabs, type of materials used for walls ( concrete or masonry), distances from the relevant structure points, type of columns ( concrete or metallic), the geographical position of the project, the climate  and any other relevant information provided by the architect and by the structure engineer.

Our experienced designers, with over 20 years of experience in façade design are continuously progressing and adapting to the most modern and efficient trends in terms of design. We are always presenting to the client the optimal solution in terms of costs and efficiency. All our design is signed and verified by experts accredited in European Union.

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