The desire for new company Glass Rom Impex 2014 led to the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Spaniards from ULMA Architectural Solutions. Solutions of polymer concrete ventilated facades implemented by the Spanish in the world, over one million square meters of installed facades in Europe and Latin America, are welcome and in Romania, market Glass Rom Impex company has an experience of almost 20 years in designing, manufacturing and installation of ventilated facades.

ULMA panels for cladding products are recognized and appreciated by the major architectural firms and tested technology centers in the sector. In European academic community, ventilated facades systems are considered as the most effective solutions for building insulation, eliminating the unwanted thermal bridges and condensation problems, thus achieving an excellent thermal-hydrometric behavior of the building.
Ventilated facades systems provide continuous insulation, protecting the structure wall and their edges. In room ventilated by warm air layer of the intermediate space compared to the environment air is produced so-called “Stack Effect”, which generates a continuous ventilation in the room. Properly sized air inlet and outlet ensure continuous discharge of water vapor coming from both inside and outside the building, keeping dry insulation, better performance of insulation and low energy consumption. Ventilated facades eliminates direct radiation and degradation due to weather conditions that affect buildings constructed with traditional systems.
Ventilated façade system developed by ULMA Polymer Concrete Architectural Solutions is easy and safe, allowing correction of any defects planar structure is flexible and adaptable to the installation location, provide thermal insulation, reducing heat dispersion in the cold months and heat absorption warmer months, providing comfortable temperatures inside buildings.
Polymer concrete tiles have a wide range of shapes, colors and textures, providing a stunning picture renovated buildings and new buildings personality

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