Spheres, cylinders, cubes, pyramids, we see daily on the street, in magazines and on TV. We are so used to them that have become commonplace only some forms decorate our life. Their utility in many areas we meet but few are the moments when we wonder why and how these simple shapes were made. Stone sculptors say that it is very difficult even today, using modern techniques to realize large perfect spheres.

Architecture and urban planning creates the human in which we live and think. She read in our history and predict the future, we feel we can move within the art and technique in poetry and music. Sometimes we work cofuzia between engineering and modern architecture. Industrial buildings, bridges, aqueducts are the work of engineering, construction rational and ingenious little lacking in any spiritual expression.
The construction of modern buildings is rational by its skeleton, but to become architecture must include plastic elements of proportions and surfaces of the screen ruling of shadow and light, the double proportionality, geometrical and numerical.
The new aluminum processing technologies have opened the door to the most beautiful facades, offering the opportunity of a curved facades and fluids. Aluminum composite plates can be used as a sunshade to disperse light, reducing the building’s thermal absorption and efficiently using daylight to save energy.
Design, manufacture and installation of curved forms no longer raises eyebrows teams design engineers in the company Glass Rom Impex. 20 years experience in the field ventilated facades Glass Rom Impex recommend for practice of any architectural challenges.

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