Ventilated facade cladding is a solution that provides protection and insulation exterior wall of a building solution that combines five important characteristics: ventilation wall insulation of building thermal inertia, acoustic insulation and protection against rainwater.

Exterior cladding of buildings plays an important role in contemporary architecture, an architecture that aims to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and urban persnalizarea the design of urban spaces are constructed .. therefore requires reconciling aesthetic requirements with needs related to sustainability various elements, environmental compatibility and economic sustainability in relation to the whole lifespan of the space designed. In particular, the exterior surfaces of buildings are subject to numerous types of stress: mechanical, chemical, thermal, and hygrometric, stress related to human activity, air quality and weather. These areas play an important role in the aesthetic impact of the building and its integration into the surrounding landscape and the materials must match the need for environmental protection and sustainable development.
Glass Rom Impex, engineering company specialized in ventilated facades, offers its customers technical assistance for the transition from concept to detail facade most suitable for implementation, according to the regulations, by proposing material, sizing and optimization calculations for implementation, details execution of classic or custom solutions for wide range of application: office buildings, show-rooms, passenger terminals, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, different types of retail
Ventilated facades can be made of aluminum composite cement, ceramics, clinker, terracotta, stone recomposed artificaiala (marble, granite, travertine), boards HPL (High Pressure Laminate), composite wood, decorative glass, steel panels metaclilat stone natural. By insulating qualities, both for the high temperatures and low, a ventilated façade has the economic advantage of reducing energy costs for air conditioning or heating. This is because the structure of ventilated facades systems facilitates the arrangement of tiles protecting buildings environmental factors.
Solutions ventilated facades offers good resistance in time and meet a whole host of requirements that should characterize buildings: ventilation wall insulation of building thermal inertia, sound insulation, protection against rainwater.
Usually the energy loss of a building is composed as follows: about 75% is lost through the front, 15% and 10% through the roof basement. It has been shown that a ventilated façade can reduce up to 25% of energy consumption for a building with a proper thermal insulation, plus keep warm long time. The metal structure of the facades provides great flexibility, along with resistance to deformation due to vibration buildings, earthquakes etc.
Getting stereotomiei provided by the designer architect fastening system requires individualization, individualization is made by technological design. Solution tile fixing structure allows catching them without having to make holes in the metal structure, this reduces installation time and cost by 30%.
With a ventilated façade, the building structure you can download the most modern and attractive line and its maintenance is easy and seamless.
Glass Rom Impex company’s strengths are experience gained over 20 years in the field of project management, coupled with the amount of available resources: specialist in engineering design, manufacturing and assembly, and not least the high performance equipment productivity.

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