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The continuous development and demand for ventilated façade on the construction market led to a very high increase of the quality of the works and to a major optimization regarding the use of material. Using a consultant for the façade works can reduce the costs for this segment with approximatively 15 -20 % , this reduction coming from material optimization, value engineering, proper measures and solution applicable for each particular project.

The consultancy policy of Glass Rom Impex follows one main rule: the package of works is split in more categories (ventilated façade, curtain walls, glass etc), each category is treated separately regarding the costs of materials, solutions, time of execution etc. With our help, by choosing the material supplier for each category of works, and by choosing different Contractors for each specialty we are eliminating the extra costs that would result from the markup of a General Contractor.

project management fatade ventilate - facade ventilated

Our services for consultancy include the following steps: choosing the proper system to be used, presenting to the client relevant arguments for each material to be used, assist regarding the design and tender documents preparation, offer analysis, cash flow chart preparation, time schedule.

During construction works, if the Beneficiary asks, we can provide the following services:  quality and quantity control directly on site, determinant phases of the work, legal quality documents , interim payment certificate verification, partial and final reception of the works.

Our specialists with over 20 years of experience have one main goal : to offer our clients a reliable partner that can insure them that their development will be finished in requested time, budget and quality.

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